Subsidies for Craft Associations

Grants for Artisan Associations 2018.

Published in the BORM. No. 74, of April 2, 2018, the extract from the Order of the Ministry of Employment, Universities and Business, which calls for grants to artisan associations. non-profit of the Region of Murcia, 2018.

The deadline for submitting applications will be from April 3 to May 2, 2018.

The eligible activities will be the following:
– Measure C.4.3. of LIMA, "The internationalization of the craft company", for actions involving the participation of craftsmen in national and international fairs that promote the professionalization of the craft sector, including the Craft Fair of the Region of Murcia (FERAMUR).
– Measure C.4.5. of LIMA, "Regional Craft Shows", so that regional craft shows are organized and carried out in the Region of Murcia that represent an increase in the marketing of the craft sector.
– Measure D.1.3., D.1.4. and D.1.5. of LIMA, "Promote the Regional Craft Centers, Artisan Houses and the like", with events and exhibitions that communicate the new crafts to society.
– The eligible action projects for the Promotion of Employment in Crafts are: a) Measure E.1.2. of the LIMA "Professional courses for master craftsmen", to organize and carry out technical courses on craft trades aimed at young people and students to promote employment in crafts, carried out by Master Craftsmen who train in craft trade techniques, carried out in Specialized Craft Centers in the Region of Murcia that have equipment, tools and means to provide training.

The following concepts will not be considered eligible:
a) Raffles, raffles and the like.
b) Financial expenses incurred as a result of the investment.
c) Investments in motor vehicles.
d) Expenses for the acquisition or lease of land or premises.
e) Expenses that are not clearly defined or that do not have as their purpose the programs and lines of action included in this order.
f) Accommodation and maintenance expenses such as lunches, meals and, in general, restaurant expenses and the like.
g) Personal travel expenses.
h) The general expenses linked to the operation of the artisan activity (water, gas, telephone and electricity, various management expenses, objects or stationery, etc.).

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