The Regional Craft Center of Cartagena hosts a sample of hand-painted fabrics by the artist Alfredo Caral

Until the end of the month, the Regional Craft Center of Cartagena hosts the exhibition 'Nature: Sediment, water and land', a sample of hand-painted fabrics by the Madrid-based couturier based in the Alfredo Caral Region, sources from the Community reported in a note of press.

The author has been inspired by nature to develop this collection based on the fluidity of water and the harmony of landscapes, with reflections of the different seasons and times of day.

His textile work includes a variety of shades that are mixed with the blue of the ocean, the brown tones of the mountains and the green of the countryside, with which he creates a collection of fashion and hand-painted textile accessories, such as scarves, masks and decoration fabrics, in an explosion of color and natural and unique chromatic tones.

Visitors will be able to purchase at workshop prices the products that make up the sample, which will be exhibited in the Regional Craft Center of Murcia in September and in Lorca in October. FROM IBERIA TO ALMODÓVAR

Alfredo Caral founded his own haute couture workshop in the 1970s and presented his first collection, with which he achieved great success among the attending public and specialists in the sector. Fashion gave him the satisfaction of being able to create and develop his own designs, turning his creations into a benchmark of style.

For years, Alfredo Caral's fashion collections were regularly presented at the Pasarela Cibeles in Madrid, and in cities such as London, Mexico City, Washington and Amsterdam. He was selected by the Iberia company to make the uniforms for its ground, flight and pilot personnel. Other companies that had their designs in the uniformity of their staff were Renfe and Telefónica.

For a time he combined the creation of his collections in his workshop with his shops and showroom in Madrid and his activity in Paris and Italy. He was also sought after to make costumes for cinema and theater, with works for films by Felipe Rey, Luis García Berlanga or Pedro Almodóvar, among others.

Currently, Alfredo Caral continues to develop his passion for caring for, pampering and beautifying women with specific collections and the design of accessories and the creation of hand-painted accessories in the Region of Murcia.

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