If you have a mother who likes what is authentic, handmade and respects the environment, without a doubt you will find the perfect gift at the Craft Centers in the Region of Murcia.

For this reason, for this special day we propose a series of activities and gifts for your mother with which you will be right and which are:

1.- Crafts workshops: 

The Murcia Regional Craft Center has scheduled a series of monthly workshops that are held in the afternoons, where your mother will enjoy making her own artisan product. Thus one of cutting and sewing with Vayatela that is taught on Mondays; another painting with Lidia Cassi, on Tuesdays; On Wednesdays and Saturdays we have the art show with Andrea Lopardo and the ceramic show with Verónica Macorin, and on Fridays the fire enamel on metal show with Anabel del Canto.    

More information and place reservation on the phone 968 35 75 37.

2.- Wine tastings with artisan pairing.

The Regional Craft Center of Cartagena, has scheduled two wine tastings in May, the first with “Bodegas Balcona”, on May 13, and the second with “Bodegas de Fábula” on May 27. 

More information and place reservation on the phone 968 52 46 31. 

3.- Gifts

Ceramics, both creative and traditional, can also be the perfect gift for this day, lamps, vases, sculptures, among others, can be very successful.

Creative and alternative fashion, such as Adolfo Ruíz or La Horca creations.

Costume jewelry and jewelry can also be a great choice for this day, silver pieces made by Yalí Vilchez, Jesús Gómez or Patricia Mazzarino, flower and resin pieces by Creaciones Aizahar, fire enamel earrings by Pilar Sáez, or bracelets made of macramé from América Colque, will be a success.

 Also articles made of leather such as bags from the Sasasú firm; the leather goods by Ángel Molina or José Bielsa and the recycled paper handbags by Isabel Puig are a good alternative. 

Our web or the Craft Centers in Murcia, Cartagena and Lorca, you will surely find the perfect gift. 

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