Aid for artisans receives almost a hundred applications

In total, 56 requests have been accepted for 137 projects

The total amount of this line of subsidies is 175,000 euros, an allocation that this year has increased by 118 percent

Aid for artisans has received 99 applications, of which 56 have been admitted for a total of 137 projects. There are 36 applications for 71 projects on the waiting list and 7 applications have been rejected for not presenting the required documentation or not meeting the minimum requirements.

Last month, the Ministry of Business, Industry and Spokesperson called for subsidies aimed at artisans, craft companies and companies at the service of Crafts in the Region of Murcia with the aim of helping them maintain, reactivate and boost their economic activity in the face of the pandemic. of Covid-19.

The total amount of this line of subsidies is 175,000 euros, a budget that this year has increased by 118 percent over the previous year. A maximum amount of 4,000 euros of aid is established for individual artisans and artisan companies in creative trades with a subsidy percentage of 90 percent; a maximum of 3,000 euros in the trades of food with a percentage of subsidy of 70 percent; and a maximum amount of 2,000 euros for companies serving crafts, with a 50 percent subsidy rate.

The beneficiaries are craft companies, individual craftsmen and craft service companies with a workforce of less than ten workers, dedicated to the production of craft products or offering services to crafts and whose craft workshop or service center is located in the Region. of Murcia.

Investments made in craft workshops for the maintenance and economic reactivation that allow modifying or increasing the activity, such as actions of innovation, design, production, marketing, communication, training or improvement of quality, are considered eligible projects and expenses. among other.

The General Director of Consumption and Crafts, Carolina Espinosa, highlighted that "in this crisis situation due to the Covid-19 pandemic, artisans have been forced to significantly reduce their activity and are being particularly affected, so it is urgent to provide them with a economic support that allows them to face the present and future situation in the best conditions”. In this sense, he added that "from the Ministry of Business extraordinary measures are being taken to preserve, maintain and reactivate this strategic sector for entrepreneurship and the economy of the Region".

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