The Town Hall of Fuente Álamo and the IES Arzobispo Lozano de Jumilla are awarded in the V Regional Nativity Scene Contest

The contest, organized by the General Directorate of Crafts and the Belencribs association, also rewards the Sacred Heart parish of Molina de Segura, the El Buen Pastor association of La Aparecida and the Cuenca de Los Garres family

The counselor Valle Miguélez participated in the awards ceremony of the V Region of Murcia Nativity Scene Contest.

The Regional Center for Crafts today hosted the awards ceremony for the V Murcia Region Nativity Scene Contest, organized by the Directorate General for Consumption and Crafts in collaboration with the International Network Belencribs Association. In this edition, the winners have been: the Town Hall of Fuente Álamo, the IES Arzobispo Lozano de Jumilla, the Sacred Heart parish of Molina de Segura, the association El Buen Pastor de La Aparecida (Cartagena) and the Cuenca de Los Garres family (Murcia ).

The Minister of Business, Employment, Universities and the Spokesperson, Valle Miguélez, participated in the event and explained that "this event aims to promote and reward the craftsmanship of assembling the Nativity scene for Christmas, while disseminating and showing the tradition and work of the nativity scenes”.

On this occasion, prizes have been proposed for six different categories and 193 participants have presented themselves. Of these, 86 were individuals, 64 associations, 33 parishes, six educational centers and four town halls.

The jury was made up of the president of the International Network Belencribs Association, José Molero, and the experts in nativity scenes José Fructuoso Martínez and José Morales. When evaluating the works, they took into account aspects such as staging, perspective, lighting, the representation of places in the Region of Murcia and that the figures were made by regional nativity scenes.

The poet Carmelo Guillén Acosta and the director of the Salzillo Museum in Murcia, María Teresa Marín, participated in the awards ceremony, who gave a lecture on the Bethlehem.

Statements by the Minister Valle Miguélez on the tradition of the Bethlehem in the Region of Murcia.

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