The artisans increased their sales by 64 percent in the Regional Craft Centers during the month of March

Nearly one hundred boys and girls participate in the Easter and Spring Festival workshops of the Regional Craft Center of Murcia

The artisans of the Region of Murcia increased their sales in the Regional Craft Centers last March by 64 percent compared to the same month of 2022, reaching sales worth 31,433 euros. Specifically, the artisans made sales in the Regional Center of Murcia for a value of 11,222 euros; in the Regional Center of Cartagena for an amount of 14,091 euros; and in the Regional Center of Lorca for a total of 6,120 euros.

Thus, 45 percent of the sales made correspond to the Regional Craft Center of Cartagena; followed with 36 percent in the Center of Murcia and with 19 percent in the Center of Lorca.

On the other hand, the Murcia Regional Crafts Center hosted a series of children's workshops during Holy Week and the Spring Festival with the participation of some 100 boys and girls. The workshops, which took place from April 3 to yesterday, the 14th, in the morning and afternoon shift, have been attended by minors between the ages of six and 12, who have been able to enjoy creating their own artisan product, and from this way to develop your creativity during your school holidays.

The workshops held during Holy Week allowed the minors to learn how to make notebooks, do creative painting, as well as make figures of Nazarenes with cold porcelain. In addition, they were able to participate in pottery and basketry workshops, with the help of artisans Verónica Maccorin and Antonio Narváez.

As for those dedicated to the Spring Festival, which also included a workshop for making orchard motifs with cold porcelain, allowed the boys and girls to make leather key rings, get started in the world of macramé with the artisan Mercy, or participate in games of intellectual ability, among other activities.

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