LasGastrocró launches the new GastroArtesanía section

Sponsored by the General Directorate of Consumption and Crafts, through it we will meet the most prestigious Murcian food artisans

Last week, coinciding with the celebration of our first anniversary, LasGastrocró launched the new section GastroCrafts, sponsored by the General Directorate of Consumption and Crafts, directed by Sonia Moreno, who belongs to the Ministry of Business, Employment, Universities and Spokesperson.

For the new section, where all the news related to the Food Crafts, every fortnight we will meet the vast majority of food and gastronomy artisans in the Region of Murcia attached to the Murcia Regional Craft Centers.

The first article in the section, published last Friday, was about the Purias artisan cheese factory in Lorca, El Roano Cheeses, recently awarded by the Regional Craft Center with the first prize in the Food Craft section.

In future articles we will learn about the work of gastronomic artisan companies in the Region as relevant as:

  • Richard's Confectionery.
  • The Glory of Andrés Mármol.
  • Beers Chair.
  • Salted Garre.
  • LOBROT cooperative. Artisan jams.
  • Shepherdess. Peppers.
  • San Ramon Bakery.
  • Bodegas Ribera del Juá.
  • Cooperative Coat. Oil, nuts.
  • Angela Minano. Beekeeper.
  • Association of All Saints.

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