Belén Esteban falls in love with the jams of the Region of Murcia

The popular TV collaborator Belén Esteban visited this Wednesday stand of the Region of Murcia in Fitur to promote your brand of products 'Flavors of Esteban', which continues to grow under the seal of Murcian companies. In addition to declaring herself in love with the Region and the quality of its products, the Madrilenian assured that she loves visiting the Community.

One of the Murcian delicacies that Belén Esteban cannot resist is jams, as evidenced by a photo that was taken during the visit with a box on which “traditional jams” could be read. Crafts since 1948” and that he shared on his Twitter account Artesanía Región de Murcia.

Meanwhile, the range of Belén Esteban products continues to grow and after the success of the gazpacho and salmorejo with the image of Belén Esteban, the brand that bears the name of the collaborator of 'Sálvame' is also succeeding in the market with a vegetable cream with vegetables from the Murcian garden, such as pumpkin and zucchini. yesus chips, also manufactured by a company from this land, blonde potatoes, based in Bullas.

Behind these products is the Murcian company Cool-Vega Company reached the best turnover of its history in 2021 thanks to the considerable impulse of the new lines of products that the company prepares for the popular 'The Flavors of Esteban' since last April.

As he progressed to Murcia Square the CEO of the company, Anthony Molina, sales of the product range of the popular television presenter, together with the increase in sales of own brands and for other clients, have raised sales up to 7 million, which represents a growth of 133% compared to 2020, the year in which 3 million turnover.

(Article from the digital newspaper Murcia Plaza)

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