The Region presents four nominations for the National Crafts Awards

These are two artisans and two other entities that have been awarded the Regional Crafts Awards 2021

The national awards seek to highlight the work of a sector that in Spain represents 0.4 percent of GDP

The Ministry of Business, Employment, Universities and Spokesperson, through the General Directorate of Consumption and Crafts, has proposed four candidates for the 2022 National Crafts Awards. These will be represented by two winning artisans of the 2021 Regional Awards who wish to opt for these awards and two other initiatives that were also winners in the Region Awards.

These awards, convened by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism through the School of Industrial Organization (EOI) and its chair for the promotion of crafts, Fundesarte, seek to highlight the work of a sector that in Spain represents 0.4 percent of GDP.

Specifically, the Region of Murcia has presented as candidates the architect and lighting designer Lucía Ciller, Regional Craft Award in the 'Product' category for her collection of customizable lamps 'Cristalina, handmade lamp'; and to the artisan María Marta Boza, Regional Craft Award in the 'Entrepreneurship' category, for her work in creative carpentry.

Likewise, the Association of Footwear and Espadrilles Industries of the Northwest, Calzia-Yute of Caravaca de la Cruz, Regional Craft Award in the category 'Promotion for Private Entities', and the Empoderarte Project, carried out by the Directorate General Directorate for Consumption and Crafts, in collaboration with the General Directorate for Women and Gender Diversity, which consists of organizing workshops for women who are victims of gender-based violence or who are likely to be, and taught by artisans with recognized experience in their respective trades . This project was awarded the Regional Craft Award in the category 'Promotion for Public Entities'.

The economic endowment of the National Craft Award amounts to 7,000 euros, the other categories are endowed with 3,000 euros and the Promociona Prize for Public Entities does not have an economic endowment.

In the National Crafts Awards, the Region of Murcia received in 2009 the highest award in the category 'Promotion for Public Entities', granted to the Craft Service of the Autonomous Community. Also, in these National Awards have been finalists over the years, among others, Pottery Project, for its lamp 'Totana'; Joaquín Plana, in the category 'Entrepreneurship; the companies Carcoma and Alfarería Martín Lario, in the 'National Award' category; and the company Zigurat Decor SL, in the 'National Award' category.

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