After two years of waiting for the pandemic, the Lorca Regional Craft Center will open its doors on the Night of the Museums, on May 21 from seven in the afternoon until midnight.

To do this, a series of activities have been scheduled that will create a special aura in the oldest Craft Center in the country.

For the first time we will have a live performance by the group called Nuevas Mejoras, which will enliven with a tribute to "Último de la fila" and versions of pop-rock in Spanish, from 9:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Live demonstrations of artisan trades

Artistic locksmithing by Cerrajería Alonso de Lorca, where the craftsman will shape the metal with a hammer on an anvil as it was worked in the Middle Ages, located at the entrance of the center.

At the head of the potter's wheel, recently restored, will be the Master Craftsman Juan Lario, manager of the artisan company Alfarería Lario y Piñero de Lorca.

The Master Craftswoman, Rosa María Playá will teach us how clay modeling works.

The loom will be handled by Pedro Carrillo, manager of the artisan company Artellano 1994 SL in Coy (Lorca).

Tasting of artisan products

Helados La Tercia de Gea y Truyols, will market ice creams of different flavors (goat cheese, Paparajote, nougat, among others) and lemon granita to refresh the atmosphere, with a very unique cart.

Cervezas Cátedra de Fuente Álamo will carry a serpentine tricycle so that visitors can order their craft beer, winner of the 2021 Regional Food Award.

Juan Carlos Alcaraz from Quesería “El Pipas” in Puerto Lumbreras, will give a tasting of artisan goat cheeses, such as cured cheese in thistle flower, semi-cured cheeses with pepper and sweet paprika.

Sausages and hams from Hermanos Molina SL and artisan paprika cakes from La Tercia artisan bakery.

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