Open Regional Craft Centers

The Regional Craft Centers of Murcia, Lorca and Cartagena open their doors to the public for the sale of craft products with new collections of creative and traditional ceramics, costume jewelry, jewelry, lamps, decoration, cups, nativity scenes, glass, food and much more plus.

The craftsman designs, produces and sells, all through trades typical of our land and inherited from our ancestors. The products they make have our history inside, what we have been and what we are. There is nothing more authentic that you can take with you from our land when you visit them, than an artisan product. For this reason, when we support crafts we honor our history since we are Murcians. Come to the Regional Crafts Centers and give away objects made with the soul. You can also purchase our products on our website: CRAFT SHOP

The Regional Craft Center of Murcia It is located in the heart of the city, next to the Salitre Garden (also known as the Gunpowder Garden).

The Regional Craft Center of Cartagena It is located on Calle Honda, next to the well-known Plaza de los Tres Reyes, Monte del Molinete and Glorieta de San Francisco.

Promotional video Regional Craft Center of Cartagena

The Lorca Craft Center It is located in a building located between the Palace of Guevara and the Church of San Mateo.

Promotional video Lorca Regional Craft Center


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