The Regional Craft Center of Murcia, for the third consecutive year, has been included in the training program called "My city teaches" of the Department of Education and Nursery Schools of the City of Murcia, coinciding with the school calendar. Where all schools belonging to the municipal perimeter can access this

During the 2019-2020 school year, the scheduled workshops have been the following:

  • Leather goods workshop: This workshop was held on Mondays from October 2019 to February 2020, taught by the artisan Ángel Luis Molina Guillén. The recipients were third and fourth grade students. In this plastic creation activity, it is intended that schoolchildren come into contact with this noble material such as leather, and experience the sensation of dealing with manual tools for embossing, to configure their own bracelet made with their hands and their imagination.
  • Creative cooking workshop: This workshop was held on Tuesdays in October 2019 and was scheduled to end in May 2020, taught by the team of Francisco Javier García Moreno, manager of La Madrugada Backery. For the development of this activity, an oven was necessary to bake the bread, provided free of charge by Fornet SL Aimed at children aged three, four and five. It's a teamanipulative and practical workshop that allows schoolchildren to learn about the process of making bread in an artisanal way, develop the sense of taste, smell, manual dexterity, motor skills and creativity, giving shapes to the dough, previously made in the workshop, to create their own bread with different shapes of dolls, and observing how the ingredients are transformed through its preparation.
  • pottery workshop, Taught by the artisan Verónica Maccorín. It was held on Wednesdays since October 2019 and was scheduled to end at the end of May. The recipients are first and second grade students. Plastic creation workshop where schoolchildren create their own piece of handmade and personalized pottery, having a direct experience with the clay and observing its transformation, how its appearance changes, acquiring a new language related to the trade and the arts, recognizing the forms and the use of ceramic containers, their technical and aesthetic characteristics. Getting to know and handling an authentic potter's wheel and becoming a potter for a day.
  • Sculpture workshop: Taught by the artisan Verónica Maccorín. This workshop is held on Thursdays of the school calendar. Aimed at three, four and five year olds. Plastic creation workshop where schoolchildren model a sculpture in clay to express their creativity in a sculptural piece, in an entertaining and didactic way, through textures, volumes, colors and shapes, using modeling tools to create their sketches, obtaining as a result end a very nice bust.

As a complement to this training offer and in order to publicize the different crafts that are currently active in the Region, a free guided tour is carried out at the Regional Craft Center of Murcia. The duration of these activities is from ten to twelve in the morning and the students come from the Schools of the City of Murcia with a cost per child of three euros.

This initiative has been very favorable for increasing the notoriety of the Regional Craft Center of Murcia and disseminating and promoting the Crafts of the Region of Murcia, since all children acquire basic notions of the craftsmanship and each one takes, in addition to the product they create. .


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