Sonia Moreno visits the artisan company Quesos El Roano

Sonia Moreno-Martinez, General Director of Consumption and Crafts Region of Murcia visit the craft company El Roano cheeses.

The El Roano cheese factory has recently been recognized in the World Cheese Awards 2021-2022 contest, with a gold medal for its blue cheese cream; two silver ones, for raw milk curing and semi-curing in olive oil, and a bronze one for pepper semi-curing.

Since 2015, the Lorca family business has garnered many international awards for the quality of its products, as well as winning the Regional Food Craft Award in 2020.

El Roano, a family business located between the fertile fields of Lorca, Murcia, produces excellent cheeses in a completely traditional way, made with milk from their own goats, of the autochthonous Murcian-Granadan breed, which its owners raise in the Lorca district of purias and that they feed on alfalfa that they also grow themselves.

You can find their products in the Crafts Centers of Murcia and Cartagena.

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