Artisans and designers from Spain will meet at the Regional Craft Center of Murcia

At the end of September they will participate in the second day 'Craft+Design+Innovation', which seeks to promote the artisan product through the design process

The Regional Crafts Center of Murcia will host the second day 'Craft+Design+Innovation' on September 28, an event that aims to promote artisanal products through the design process together with artisanal production.

During the day, organized by the General Directorate of Consumer Affairs and Crafts, in collaboration with the Association of Designers and Advertising Communication Professionals of the Region of Murcia, a selection of artisans will carry out live demonstrations of different crafts, such as pottery. ceramist, leatherworker, musical instrument maker or wood carver, among others, which will make it possible to publicize the diversity and richness of the regional craft sector.

Likewise, as was done in the last edition, along with the presentations and debates, there will be the exhibition 'Crafts and design of ten', in which 10 regional artisans will present a piece marketed with support and with added value of the design, with a brief description of its creation, production and commercialization process.

The day seeks to create a space for the interaction of professionals, "since the artisan dominates the technique and materials, and the designers dominate the conceptualization of the products", a combination that, in the opinion of the general director of Consumption and Crafts, Sonia Moreno, “it must serve so that both sectors gain in innovation and competitiveness.”

'Craft+Design+Innovation' foresees the participation, among others, of Idoia Cuesta, dedicated to contemporary basketry. This Basque artisan designs decoration products for the main firms in Spain and collaborates with the most famous architects and interior designers in the country.

The Catalans '40 feathers', specialists in designer glass and experimentation with this material, will also present their experience. The day will consist of three parts. The first dedicated to knowledge of the artisan trades of the Region of Murcia, which will be exhibited on site; the second, to the talks and exhibition of experiences of artisans and designers, regional and national; and the third will consist of 'networking', with the aim of establishing contacts between managers, artisans and designers.

Moreno highlighted that "we are facing a new craft, which grows in disciplines and different types of professionals, which provides a reflective medium on innovation and sustainability applied to artisanal creation."

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