Regional craft centers increase their sales more than 50 percent

2022 is the year in which the most sales have historically been obtained, exceeding the pre-pandemic figures

The centers of Murcia, Cartagena and Lorca sold products from a total of 138 artisans

The regional craft centers in Murcia, Cartagena and Lorca managed to close 2022 with historical data in terms of sales of craft products. Thus, in total figures, their sales increased by 50.64 percent compared to the previous year, with 2022 being the year in which the most sales have historically been obtained, exceeding the pre-pandemic figures.

Specifically, the Murcia Regional Crafts Center increased its sales by 20.47 percent, with 75,204 euros; the Cartagena Craft Center, 57.37 percent, with 140,416 euros; and the Lorca Craft Center, 71.65 percent, reaching 78,410 euros in sales.

This is shown by the annual balance of the regional craft centers, prepared by the General Directorate of Consumption and Crafts, which also highlights that the month in which the most sales were registered was December, where a turnover of 39,384 euros was reached. .

The general director of Consumption and Crafts, Sonia Moreno, positively assessed this increase and highlighted that "the work of artisans throughout the year is rewarded with these figures, because knowing that their effort and dedication gives rise to products that society demands It's quite a prize." "From the regional government we will continue to support the sector and help to be a showcase for artisan work," he added.

The regional craft centers sold products from a total of 138 artisans, a job that the more than 25,000 visitors they received last year were able to discover.

Specifically, the Murcia Regional Craft Center was visited by more than 6,500 people (45 percent more), the Cartagena Regional Craft Center had more than 5,200 visitors (93 percent more) and the Regional Center de Lorca received more than 13,300 visitors (135 percent more).

Statements by the general director of Crafts and Consumption, Sonia Moreno, on the regional craft centers

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