The Region hosts the national meeting of the Observatory of Crafts

The Region of Murcia hosted on Tuesday, January 31, 2023, the fourth national meeting of the Crafts Observatory, which was held at the facilities of the Murcia Science Park.

The Minister of Business, Social Economy and the Self-Employed, Valle Miguélez, participated in the meeting, in which she highlighted the work of the Observatory, which "allows the sharing of experiences and collaboration strategies between those responsible for crafts from the different regions, establishing cooperation frameworks with entities of the national artisan sector and promoting crafts”.

In this edition, the meeting focused on the marketing of artisan products, on new consumption habits and on the circumstances of the global market with which crafts must coexist.

In addition to the technical meeting, the members of the Observatory participated in a round table made up of regional artisans of recognized prestige who presented their experiences in the field of marketing.

The general director of Consumption and Crafts, Sonia Moreno, also participated in the meeting, which is held every six months; the director of the Development Institute (INFO), Joaquín Gómez; the person in charge of Fundesarte, Silvia Martín; the director of the School of Mediterranean Industrial Organization, Fernando Garrido; the head of the National Reference Center for Crafts, Antonio Suarez; the president of Oficio y Arte, an organization of artisans in Spain, Lala de Dios; as well as its vice president, Félix Sanz.

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