Artisanal cheese factory 'El Roano', «something will have the Murcian goat cheese, when they bless it»

Since 2015, the Lorca family business has garnered many international awards for the quality of its products and this year it received the Regional Award for Food Crafts

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July 26, 2021 in GastroArtesanía, GastroNoticias

With the El Roano artisan cheese factory, LasGastrocró starts its new GastroArtesanía section, sponsored by the General Directorate of Consumption and Crafts, which belongs to the Ministry of Business, Employment, Universities and Spokesperson. Through the new section, which begins today, we will be able to meet dozens of food and gastronomy artisans from the Region of Murcia attached to the Regional Craft Centers of Murcia. Welcome to GastroArtesania.

El Roano Artisanal Cheese Factory

El Roano, a family business located between the fertile fields of Lorca, Murcia, produces excellent cheeses in a completely traditional way, made with milk from its own goats, of the native Murcian-Granadian breed, which its owners raise in the Lorca district of Purias and which they feed with alfalfa that they also grow themselves.

Pedro Giner Reverte Food Award 2019. Although they have been dedicating themselves body and soul to livestock for more than three generations, the small family business only started a few years ago in the honorable trade of making their own cheese, reaping significant recognition in a short time. Worldwide. So "something will have the Murcian goat cheese, when they bless it".

In this short space of time they have won a multitude of prizes and awards to which they have added, in 2020, the distinction of the Lyon International Contest for gourmet products with the Gold Medal for their cheese 'El Roano Oro', made with goat's milk, and the 2021 Silver Award for its product 'El Roano Azul', a blue-paste goat's milk cheese, at the World Cheese Championship, held in Lyon (France).

It is a contest, which has renowned partners such as Les Toques Blanches Lyonnaises, the Association of Sommeliers of Lyon, Rhône Alpes and Metro, thousands of products from many countries are tasted every year and rewards the best products world gourmets. In the previous edition, 7,780 samples from 41 different countries were tasted, products such as cheeses and dairy products, as well as traditional French products such as wine, spirits and craft beer.

This 2021 they also won the Regional Craft Award in the Food Craft Category, which was recently held at the Murcia Regional Craft Center.

El Roano cheeses.

“We make eleven types of cheese with care, but it is still impossible to decide which one we are most passionate about.”

This year, around 1,000 samples of cheese from 9 countries have been tasted at the show, with almost 90 percent of the winners being of French origin. Thus, together with the gold achieved by the classic 'El Roano cured', the Giner family has achieved silver in a category as highly valued in the neighboring country as blue cheese.

As Pedro Giner, Jr., with the same name and surname as his father, tells us, "Even today, when they ask us about the excellent quality of these cheeses, we respond in the same way as our people with our small herd for fifty years: the only secret It lies in working in the usual traditional way, knowing that we have in our hands the best imaginable raw material”.

The Lorca company is carrying the name of the city of Lorca throughout the international scene, in addition to delighting with the unmistakable flavor of its products.

Peter Giner.

"It is the care in feeding our goats that makes us grow our own alfalfa to supply it green and fresh, in order to obtain an unbeatable quality of milk," explains Pedro Giner, Jr. And we cannot deny it: we are enthusiastic about what we are and what we do.

We currently produce more than a dozen different kinds of cheese and, although it is difficult to decide which one we are most passionate about, we stand out for having the first blue goat cheese made from raw milk from Murcia. Which by the way, is also one of the few in the world.

What do we do in El Roano?

In these three short years, we have worked hard to remain faithful to a single idea: to offer a natural and artisan product, always using traditional methods in accordance with our customs.

If it was the proven quality of our milk that encouraged us in the dream of making an ancient product such as cheese; the support of the public prompted us to take our farm cheese to different festivals, in order to modestly represent our way of doing and working.

Thus, we have participated in different events and festivals in this short period of life, highlighting the following mentions obtained:

Participation in the Gazta Market 2016: it was the exhibition of the best European cheeses made with raw milk without preservatives or colorants. Only 38 cheeses had the privilege of being present.

World Cheese Awards 2016 (WCA): It is the World Cheese Championship, where more than 3,000 cheeses from 5 continents participated. El Roano Artisan Cheese won two awards in its first participation: world silver and world bronze, in the categories of raw milk cured cheese and pasteurized milk cured cheese, respectively. A unique experience with a spectacular result for our first year of life. FITUR 2017: We were immensely proud that our cheese was chosen as one of the products that would represent our land at the 2017 International Tourism Fair.

Salón del Gourmet 2017/18: Our participation resulted in the inclusion of El Roano Azul Artisan Cheese, made from raw goat's milk, among the top ten in the Ranking of the International Gourmet Show Fair 2017; Obtaining, for the first time, recognition for our semi-cured cheeses, and a cheese as Murcian as the black pepper cheese, remaining in the semifinals of the International Ranking of the Sample.

At this point, we can assure you that it is a privilege to represent our land in competitions of this level, with such fantastic producers and articles; and, of course, we must thank our clients for transmitting their confidence in our daily work.

International Goat Cheese Contest CapraSpain International 2017/18: It was one of the few specific contests for cheeses made with goat's milk. Our fresh cheese obtained the distinction of being chosen as one of the best 10 best in the contest. A real pride for a cheese with which our activity began. The other pleasant surprise of the Contest, held in Talavera de la Reina, was that our cheese obtained the maximum score as the Cured Cheese with the best flavor and aroma by the Jury of the III International Goat Cheese Contest “CapraEspaña Internacional 2017”.

FITUR 2018: For the second consecutive year, our cheese was chosen as one of the most characteristic products of the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia 2018.

Also in 2018, at the 51st edition of SEPOR, where he was awarded the National SEPOR Gold Award for Business Initiative.

World Cheese Awards London 2017 (WCA): This edition of the World Cheese Championship, where more than 3,300 cheeses from 5 continents participated, took place in the City of London. El Roano Artisan Cheese won three awards in its second participation: a Superoro, or champion of champions in its category, and two world silvers, corresponding to raw milk cured cheese, pasteurized milk cured cheese and El Roano blue cheese, respectively. The event brought together hundreds of gourmet shop owners from around the world and the best chefs in the British capital. The event constituted, for the small family cheese factory, the authentic consolidation of a dream.

World Cheese Awards Bergen (Norway) 2018: This latest edition of the World Cheese Championship moved to Norway. Specifically to the second largest city in the country and once again filled us with energy and pride. El Roano Artisan Cheese won another three awards, reaching a total of 8 world awards in just three years. It was a gold, a silver and a bronze, which left the El Roano cured cheeses as one of the best bets in the world in its category and an international reference.

FITUR 2019: Once again, we had the pleasure of representing our region at the Madrid International Fair. This year, although at a national level it has a lot of competition, we went hand in hand with the largest brewing company in the Region of Murcia: Estrella de Levante. International Gourmet Fair 2019: Still pending the final results in other categories, Artisan Cheeses El Roano obtained the National Silver in the Category of the best Cured Cheeses in Spain with its raw milk cheese -unpasteurized- "El Roano Oro". A new milestone difficult to overcome in the coming years, hopefully that carousel of emotions will be repeated. Soon we will continue to give you the rest of the information about this fantastic event that brings together the best delicacies of the international market in Madrid.

Variety of products

The illusion of making better cheeses has led us to have a wide range where our customers can choose according to their preferences. Thus, our cheeses are:

Cured cheeses.

Our "flagships" with a SUPER GOLD, 1 GOLD, 3 SILVERS and 2 WORLD BRONZE awarded throughout the world in the last 3 years. The one made with raw milk was also invited to the exhibition of the best European cheeses in its category:

  • Raw milk cured cheese aged 8 months (2kg cut ball, 300g balls and 300g ball with olive oil). It was awarded the Silver in the category of best cured cheeses at the Madrid International Gourmet Show 2019.
  • 9-month-old cured cheese (250 gr wedge format and 2kg cut ball). Chosen in the CapraSpain International Championship 2017 the best valued cheese for its flavor and aroma. Blue cheeses. Our little right eye. The only blue cheese made from raw goat's milk in the region. Awarded with world silver in 2017 and chosen among the 10 best cheeses of the International Fair of the Gourmet Hall in 2017/2018:
  • Blue cheese made from raw goat's milk (cut ball and wedge of 250 gr).
  • Blue cheese cream (jar).

Cheese making in El Roano.

Semi-cured cheeses (wedge format of 250 gr, 480 gr and cut ball of 2kg).

One of our recent joys, both for its distinction among the 13 best cheeses in its category at the International Gourmet Show 2017 and because it comes to recognize a type of cheese with very Murcian nuances.

  • Rosemary cheese.
  • Thyme cheese.
  • Paprika cheese.
  • Black pepper cheese.
  • Cheese in olive oil.

Fresh products.

Everything begins here. The two pillars in the construction of the Artisan Cheese Factory: milk with unparalleled health and quality levels; and a fresh cheese that literally hooks you with its authentic flavor. If you are looking for a professional Gourmet taster to corroborate our opinion, we recommend that you go to your parents and grandparents.

  • Fresh goat milk.
  • Fresh cheese (chosen among the 10 best in the International CapraEspaña International Contest 2017). Goat cheese roll. Still somewhat unknown compared to other ranges, which makes them a wonder to discover.
  • Large roll (1 kg).
  • Small roll (330 gr). More than a dozen different types of cheese, among which our gourmet tasters have a choice.

To conclude, it is necessary to remember that we are an artisan company that produces in the traditional style, which has significant production limitations. We have chosen quality in every way, and we believe in it for this great little family business.

EL ROANO Artisan Cheese Factory.

Los Liebros Road. Panel 21, mailbox no. 5.

Purias Provincial Council (Lorca). Murcia.

Telephone: 608 24 01 53

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