The Community organizes a conference on the relationship between artisans and designers

It is promoted by the General Directorate of Consumption and Crafts and will be held on October 7 in Cartagena.

Delving deeper into the creation of lasting relationships between artisans and designers is the objective of the 1st Crafts+Design+Innovation Conference organized by the General Directorate of Consumption and Crafts, in collaboration with the Association of Designers and Advertising Communication Professionals of the Region of Murcia, and which will be held on October 7 at the El Batel Auditorium and Conference Center in Cartagena.

The general director of Consumption and Crafts, Sonia Moreno, highlighted that "there will be reflection on crafts and the creative process of design, which will favor artisans and designers to find a response to their needs for training or updating of professional skills with a common: the promotion of business craftsmanship and its development with design as a tool, the promotion of business innovation, as well as contributing through the promotion of activities to the development of the economy and society”.

The conference will feature the deployment chief manager of New European Bauhaus, Jorge López; the manager of the Galician Craft Public Foundation of the Xunta, Elena Fabeiro; the director of the Albayzín Center in Granada, Antonio Suárez; the communication director of Valencia WDC 2022, María Lapiedra; the person in charge of Fundesarte, Silvia Martín, and the designer, craftsman and director of Pottery Project, Miguel Ángel García Belmonte, among many others. Likewise, it is planned to carry out the exhibition 'Crafts and design of ten'.

During the day, the competitiveness of artisan companies will be discussed, likewise, one objective is to study the generation of employment based on formulas that contemplate the application of design to cultural, technological, economic, social, environmental and promotional aspects, contributing to the sustainability of the territory by linking artisan companies.

Registrations can be made at Web page of the journey.

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