Artisans of clay, wood, textiles, metal, leather, glass, forging, cosmetics and food come together at the Regional Fair in Lorca

Feramur is held from Thursday 26 to Sunday 29 with the participation of about 120 stands from various countries

Artisans of clay, wood, textiles, metal, leather, glass, forging, natural cosmetics and food will be present at the thirty-sixth edition of the Regional Craft Fair (Feramur), which is hosted by the Lorca Fair Institution (Ifelor) and will feature with about 120 stands distributed in 4,000 square meters of exhibition.

The stands will be occupied by exhibitors from different parts of the Region of Murcia, from all over the country (Almería, Albacete, Granada, Seville, Madrid, Córdoba, Gerona, Salamanca, Toledo, Valencia, Ciudad Real and Cantabria) and from the rest in the world, such as India, Morocco, Turkey and Egypt.

The Minister of Business, Industry and Spokesperson, Ana Martínez Vidal, presented, together with the Deputy Mayor of Lorca, Francisco Morales, and the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Lorca, Juan Francisco Gómez, the program of the fair, in which the most important craft of the Mediterranean arch.

Martínez Vidal announced some of the demonstrations that will take place during the fair, such as the production of nativity scenes, the manufacture of bath bombs with natural products, leather embossing, glass engraving and carving, and mosaic production. , among others.

"Feramur is an essential tool for the marketing and promotion of artisan products, in addition to providing an opportunity for artisans in the Region to make themselves known whatever their field of action," the councilor remarked.

Activity program

From Thursday the 26th to Sunday the 29th of September there will be demonstrations of bobbin lace by the artisans of Bolillo de Lorca; manufacture of footwear by Calzados Cristina; embossed leather by Ángel Molina; manufacture of bath bombs with natural products by Amalur Nature; candle workshop by Pecoreados Artesanía; in addition to pottery and painting on ceramics.

Likewise, there will be demonstrations at stands such as those of Tabil Orfebrería, of modeled glass by 'Pineda de Luelmo', engraving and carving of glass by 'Artesanía Reina' and a parade of headdresses and accessories organized by 'Azabache' 'Nataly Artesanía' . In addition, there will be tastings of artisan products of honey, jam, cheese, craft beer, sausages, preserves and sweets.

The thirty-sixth edition of Feramur has a series of contests and raffles for both exhibitors and visitors, among which are, on Saturday 28, the VI edition of the Pottery Contest (Artelor), which aims to show the traditional art of magical trade that is pottery and thus contribute to its conservation, motivating new generations and awakening their interest in this trade.

During the celebration, a lot of handicrafts will be raffled daily among the attending public, made up of pieces donated by the artisans, for which it will only be necessary to fill in the personal data at the entrance of the fair. One more edition they will raffle invitations to visit Feramur on social networks.

Lastly, the fair will have a day dedicated to the elderly, who can always access it free of charge with a pensioner's card. In addition, there will be a children's area, for children under ten years of age, attended by qualified personnel in which the little ones will enjoy inflatable attractions and a variety of workshops where they will make their own artisan products.

“From the regional government we are going to be next to entrepreneurs, small businesses, artisans and, ultimately, those who need us most, because we want the commendable work they carry out on a daily basis to be recognized and, furthermore, in the In the case of artisans, the effort involved in making a piece through a manual process”, concluded Martínez Vidal.

The Fair will open its doors on Thursday 26 from 12:00 to 2:30 p.m. and from 5:00 to 10:30 p.m. On Friday the 27th, Saturday the 28th and Sunday the 29th, it will do so from 11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and from 5:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

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