The Community launches virtual visits to learn about the Regional Craft Centers

This is a high-definition 3D tour through the centers of Murcia, Cartagena and Lorca to show the public the works of artisans that are for sale

From May 15, the day on which the 'Night of the Museums' is celebrated, you can enjoy these virtual tours

The Community enables virtual visits to the regional craft centers of MurciaCartagena Y Lorca, through high-definition 3D technology, to publicize the works of artisans that are for sale. It will be from May 15, the day on which the 'Night of the Museums' is celebrated, when you can enjoy these virtual tours.

The General Director of Consumption and Crafts, Sonia Moreno, highlighted that “this technology offers the best image quality for virtual visits currently available, thanks to which the visitor will be able to visit the different rooms. In this way, from anywhere in the world you can learn about the buildings and the history of where the centers are located, in addition to being able to buy the products that are displayed in the online store, from creative crafts to food, as well as social crafts”.

The craft centers are public spaces available to the sector, where, in addition to the sale of products, all kinds of activities are carried out, such as temporary exhibitions, craft workshops, craft-themed presentations and group guided tours, among others.

Likewise, these centers are made available to other groups, such as educational centers, associations and non-profit entities, to carry out activities related to the artisan world, creating synergies between different areas of our society.

“It is important to digitize the artisan sector, because at the business level it reinvents and innovates an organization, using technology in every way. It is an important source to sell and position itself in new markets. However, the lack of digitalization is a weakness of the sector, since it reduces the probability of increasing the commercialization of each artisan product and further enhancing the excellent raw material and craftsmanship of the Region," said Sonia Moreno.

Visita virtual en el Centro Regional de Artesanía de MurciaVirtual visit to the Regional Craft Center of Murcia

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