Catalog of the Cartagena Glass Museum

The Association of Artisan Glassmakers Santa Lucía, registered in the Artisan Registry of Murcia, wants to publicize and make available to everyone the new glass recovery project in its various branches and trades as well as the pieces that are in the glass museum . A rich and abundant world that is waiting to be rediscovered, and that will give a new vision of one of the oldest trades in history.

On the first floor, the center houses an exhibition of more than 200 pieces, from the old Santa Lucía glass factory, dating from 1834, where you can take a tour of the history of glass and the possibilities it offers.

In the ovens warehouse, located on the ground floor, the visitor can see a craftsman blowing glass and different glass techniques (carving and engraving, torch), as well as the tools, tools and machines traditionally used by glassmakers. A unique opportunity to observe the glass in the different processes it goes through until it reaches its final product.

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