María Luisa Peaguda wins the Regional Craft Award

The councilor Valle Miguélez highlights "the quality of the artisans, who combine tradition with innovation and who stand out for their creativity, social and environmental responsibility"

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The artist María Luisa Peaguda has obtained the Regional Craft Award, at a gala held today at the Murcia Regional Craft Center. The jury, made up of eight personalities from the world of crafts, art, design, gastronomy, as well as the public, who have been able to vote online and physically, has highlighted his work as a whole, his professional career, creativity and own identity. This award is endowed with 3,000 euros.

The Minister of Business, Employment, Universities and Spokesperson, Valle Miguélez, highlighted "the quality of the artisans of the Region, who combine tradition with innovation and who stand out for their creativity, social and environmental responsibility."

Miguélez pointed out that "these awards aim to recognize exemplary actions in the artisan sector, as well as promote development and competitiveness in artisan companies and associations, encouraging actions of design, innovation and adaptation to the market".

The Artisan Product Award has gone to Lucía Ciller, for investigating the forms of coexistence between tradition and the avant-garde and seeking new paths that guarantee the permanence of crafts; The Artisan Entrepreneurship Award went to Lorenzo Boris Abellán, for the Tinaha wine that unites crafts on the continent and regional content and character with clay from Lorca, jars from Totana and grapes from the Sierra de La Pila.

Likewise, the Promociona Artesanía Award for private entities has gone to the Association of Footwear and Espadrilles Industries (Calzia), for its campaigns and initiatives to promote footwear crafts and traditional sewing, and dissemination outside the Region; The Promociona Artesanía Prize for public entities has been awarded to the General Directorate for Women and Gender Diversity, for the 'Empoderarte' project, which offers training in artisan trades to 180 women in vulnerable situations.

The Artisan Nativity Scene Award has gone to the company Manuel Nicolás Almansa SL, for continuing to work and make the traditional nativity scene and for innovating by making new proposals; the Food Craft Award went to the company Transfer in Food Technological Innovation SL, for its Catedra craft beer, which is fermented through microalgae; and finally, the New Talents Award, for students from the Region who are studying crafts, has been for Nuria Noguera, for her jewelry design of the Icarus necklace.

All these distinctions are endowed with 1,500 euros, except for the Promociona Artesanía Award for public entities, which does not have an economic endowment.

A total of 38 requests to participate have been submitted in this edition.

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