Sonia Moreno collects the Nativity Scene of the Year award granted to the Lorca Craft Center

Yesterday afternoon in the Plaza de España in Lorca, the prizes awarded by the Nativity Scene Association of Lorca called "The Act of Nativity Scene Exaltation" were delivered.

These awards have a history of more than 25 years, and on this occasion they were chosen unanimously at the Ordinary General Assembly held on November 25, 2021.

The General Director of Consumption and Crafts, Sonia Moreno Martínez, collects the Nativity Scene of the Year award given to the Center for Crafts in Lorca, for its esteemed and constant collaboration in the development of activities scheduled by the Nativity Scene Association of Lorca. We must highlight the support received for the organization of the assembly of the Nativity Scene of San Esteban in the city of Murcia.

In addition, they will deliver the San Francisco Trophy to the Peña La Jarapa de Lorca, for entertaining all the events that the association intervenes, and will be named Honorary Member of the Diario de la Opinion de Murcia, for its dissemination and promotion of the sector.

In the Nativity Scene Exaltation act, the prizes of the fifteenth edition of the Christmas 2021 Christmas Card Contest for Primary school children were also awarded.

The Lorca Nativity Scene Association was founded in 1998 by a group of Nativity scene enthusiasts from Lorca. Since its inception and as a basic purpose contained in its statutes, the conservation, development and promotion of nativity scenes in all its aspects: religious, cultural, and artistic, as well as the defense and practice of the traditional Christian custom of commemorating the birth of Jesus. of Nazareth and other passages of his life, contributing to this cultural activities, courses, workshops, exhibitions, publications and contests.



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