Open the period to register activities for the European Days of Crafts

  • It will be held in various European countries from March 27 to April 2.
  • Spain will be the guest country with the "Singular Encounters"

Europe will once again celebrate the European Craft Days from March 27 to April 2. During that week, free activities will be offered that will bring visitors and curious people of all ages closer to the sphere of artisan creation. Fairs, open days in workshops or in the cloud, live demonstrations, face-to-face or virtual exhibitions, conferences, etc. both in face-to-face format, respecting all protection measures, and in virtual format or both at the same time. A week around crafts in which artists who wish to show their creations and share their work procedures with the public are invited to participate.

This year, Spain will be the guest country and the regular program will include the first "Singular Encounters", special activities that will offer an exclusive visit for small groups in a place that is not usually open to the public.

The registration period for activities for artisans and public and private institutions is now open on the website, where the program of activities will be progressively updated. In order to propose activities, it is necessary for the artisan person or the institution to register on the website to later upload the proposal specifying the title, a brief description, days, dates and place in case the activity is face-to-face. If it is online, the activity will be reflected on the map, but will not include location data. You can also attach up to a maximum of three photographs, as well as contact information and social networks.

The objective of these conferences is to bring the secrets of the work of luthiers, jewelers, potters, lace makers, blacksmiths, weavers and all kinds of artisan trades closer to the public, to spread their enormous wealth and uniqueness. In Europe it will be held in other countries such as Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Georgia, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Poland, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

In the previous edition, more than 400 activities were carried out throughout Spain, being the third country with the most actions after France and Germany. Of all of them, 385 were face-to-face activities of a different nature, such as open days (craft workshops, associations, workspaces, etc.), trade demonstrations, practical workshops for children and adults, exhibitions, as well as communication activities in the sector. . There were also 17 online activities, such as virtual tours of artisan workshops and live demonstrations, and 14 were online and face-to-face. Andalusia and Castilla y León were the communities with the highest number of activities, 119 and 52, respectively, followed by the Community of Madrid and Galicia, with a program of 43 and 42 activities.

This initiative is promoted by the School of Industrial Organization (EOI), a public foundation and the first business school in Spain, and its area for the promotion of crafts, Fundesarte together with
a Craft and Art, Organization of Craftsmen of Spain.


About Fundesarte
Fundesarte is, since 1981, the reference organization in the promotion and development of Spanish artisan companies. It is an initiative of the School of Industrial Organization, which is part of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism. Its work focuses on promoting, valuing and communicating the quality of the artisan product and the sustainability of its production processes, through promotional activities, among which the National Craft Awards, exhibition projects and the European Days of Crafts stand out. the Craft. @Fundesarte // //

About EOI

The School of Industrial Organization (EOI) is the first Business School founded in Spain (1955). In its 65-year history, more than 142,000 executives and business managers specialized in leadership, internationalization and sustainability have passed through its classrooms.

As a public foundation attached to the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism and with the co-financing of the European Social Fund, it has promoted the businesses of more than 60,000 new entrepreneurs in Spain and founded a National Network of 50 Coworking Spaces in different cities of the country. // @eoi // //
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