The Community signs an agreement to market artisan products under the 'Artesanía Región de Murcia' brand on the 'Correos Market' platform

The Minister of Business, Industry and Spokesperson highlights the need to develop new marketing formulas that complement traditional sales channels

Firma convenio Correos MarketSigning of Correos Market agreement

The Community has signed an agreement to market artisan products under the brand 'Artesanía Región de Murcia' through the 'Correos Market' platform. The agreement will allow artisans, associations and companies the possibility of marketing their products through the online sales platform throughout the Spanish territory, giving greater visibility to their products throughout Spain.

To access the Correos platform, artisans must be registered in the directory of the General Directorate of Consumption and Crafts, in which there are currently 179 self-employed workers and 142 craft companies, which represents a total of 321, which carry out a business activity through through artisan trades and who will be able to benefit from the discounts indicated in this agreement and from the possible internationalization in the distribution of the products that Correos foresees with its trading platform.

The signing of this agreement enables the creation of a Monitoring Commission, in charge of assessing and coordinating the activities included in the agreement and that will act as a mechanism for monitoring, surveillance and control of the execution of the commitments acquired by the signatories. The agreement will last for three years and may be extended for an additional year, by express agreement of the parties.

The public company Correos offers this marketing to professionals registered in the Artisan Registry of the Region of Murcia and authorized to use the brand 'Crafts from the Region of Murcia'. Artisan producers thus have a means to market products in the fields of crafts, food, beverages, fashion, health and beauty, home and those others that can be categorized according to the portal's profiles.

The councilor Ana Martínez Vidal recalled that "in this crisis situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, artisans have been forced to reduce their activity and are being particularly affected by the health crisis, so it is urgent to develop new formulas of commercialization that complement the traditional ones of sale to the public in samples and markets”.

Martínez Vidal insisted that "it is important to launch new channels that allow the positioning and sale of artisan products, a commitment to combine the traditional value of crafts, adapting it to the new times, and incorporating digitization one more step to make it easier for artisans can quickly access markets.

Crafts from the Region of Murcia

The Ministry of Business, Industry and Spokesperson is already working on an 'ecommerce' marketing strategy for artisan products from the Region of Murcia under the umbrella of the registered trademark 'Artesanía Región de Murcia', which differentiates and recognizes the origin of artisan products , contributing to sustainable development.

The seal of origin 'Crafts from the Region of Murcia' collects and validates the criteria for admission as a producer, which will allow the user to easily recognize the origin of the products, as well as the guarantee of their characteristics or their production process . The products identified with this brand guarantee that they have been made by hand in the Region of Murcia.

Currently, it is powered through the web the online sale of craft products from the Regional Craft Centers. The signing of this agreement is intended to increase the possibilities for artisans to sell through the 'Correos Market' platform, which increases the possibilities for artisans to join electronic commerce.

Statements Counselor of Industry, Business and Spokesperson. Ana Martinez Vidal

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