Bobbin lace, a tradition on the rise

More of 160 artisans have met today at the XIX Meeting of bobbin lacemakers of the Region, which was held in the Gunpowder Garden in Murcia.

The Business Counselor, Miguelez Valley, visited the meeting and explained that its objective is "the dissemination of such a traditional activity as bobbin lace, the recovery and transmission of this art through public demonstrations, at the same time that it is a meeting point for the exchange of experiences between the bolilleras of the Region with the learning and dissemination of new craft techniques.

This initiative is the most outstanding activity in the programming of the 'European Crafts Days' in the Region of Murcia, which ends this Sunday and which has had open days in craft centers, exhibitions and workshops.

The event has been organized by the Murcian Association of Friends of Bolillo, in collaboration with the Ministry through the General Directorate of Consumption and Crafts, and is part of the action plan carried out by the Ministry to prevent the disappearance of crafts.

According to historians, the origin of lace is fixed to mid-16th century in Venice, but vestiges have been found in the ancient civilizations of the East.

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