Masters of the Spanish Baroque I Carmen Navarro

Last Saturday, November 14, 2020, the hatbox carmen navarro, member of the Spanish Association of Headwear, participated along with 10 other Murcian designers, in a spectacular and unprecedented parade in the halls of the Museum of Fine Arts of Murcia (MUBAM) as an artisan from the Region of Murcia.

An action organized by Murcia Mediterranean Footbridge framed within its third edition, where watercolor paper was the main material used by the designers to make each of the pieces that were presented in the parade, pieces inspired by the Exhibition MASTERS OF THE SPANISH BAROQUE, which is currently in the Museum dictation.

“Landscape” and “Blond” were the two pieces that the hat box Carmen Navarro designed for the parade using sheets of watercolor paper for its realization, combining it with materials traditionally used in millinery, such as feathers, straw, glass, silk... Traditional millinery techniques were adapted to work with paper in order to achieve the shapes and desired volumes.


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