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The Artisan Registry of the Region of Murcia is unique, of an administrative nature, of a public nature, with voluntary and free registration.

The registry is made up of the following sections:

– Individual Artisans. Self-employed craftsmen and craft companies. Companies constituted by workers who carry out an artisan trade.

– Master craftsmen. With 10 years of proven experience in the trade.

– Honorary craftsmen. Retirees who carry out an artisan activity.

– Honorary master craftsman. People linked to craftsmanship with proven dedication.

– Craft associations. Non-profit entities made up of artisans and craft companies.

– Entities at the service of crafts. Companies that offer services to the craft sector, marketing, design, innovation, technical assistance, control and testing, training, installation and/or maintenance, social action or others.

Requirements to be a craftsman from the Region of Murcia:

– Carry out the craft activity in accordance with the Repertoire of Craft Trades.

– Have the workshop in the Region of Murcia.

– Be registered in the Tax on Economic Activities.

– Descriptive report of the production process, with photographs of the process and final product.

– For companies: Deed of incorporation, CIF of the same and TC2.

– For the self-employed: Certificate of registration in a municipality in the Region of Murcia and being registered in the Social Security Self-Employed Regime.

– Product safety certificates for their placing on the market.