Tictactoys will compete in the 2019 National Crafts Awards

  • Tictactoys, from Los Garres, opts for the Entrepreneurship Award
  • The objective of these awards, convened by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism through EOI and its Fundesarte chair, is to promote craft activity and encourage its competitiveness and level of innovation
  • The acting minister, Reyes Maroto, will preside over the delivery ceremony on December 4

The twelfth edition of the National Crafts Awards has received 90 nominations that will compete for the highest award in the 4 categories of the contest. After studying each of the proposals, the selection committee made up of experts from the craft sector and representatives of the autonomous communities and the ministry itself has selected the 16 projects that become finalists of the contest. The initiatives presented cover various sectors, with special representation of ceramics, fur and leather, wood and jewelery and bijouterie. Murcia has a representative who will compete for one of the awards: Joaquín Plana Belmonte aspires to the Entrepreneurship Award for his Tictactoys brand, under which he creates educational toys made with natural raw materials.

This year, the awards ceremony will be held on December 4 and will be chaired by the acting Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism, Reyes Maroto. The National Crafts Awards are convened annually by this Ministry through the School of Industrial Organization (EOI) and its chair for the promotion of crafts, melt you. Its objective is to contribute to the development and competitiveness of SMEs in the craft sector, as well as to encourage innovation, design and their ability to adapt to the market. The awards consist of four categories.

  • National Craft Award to the whole of a consolidated work.
  • Product Award to the best product or collection of the last two years.
  • Entrepreneurship Award to the entrepreneur or company distinguished by the introduction of new concepts in the sector.
  • Promote Award in a double aspect: public entities and private entities that contribute in an outstanding way to the promotion of crafts.

The Murcian Finalist

Joaquin Plana Belmonte opt for Entrepreneurship Award with its brand Tictactoys, a workshop and store of artisan educational toys made with natural fibers. With a renewed, modern proposal, based on specific educational and pedagogical principles, Tictactoys explores new paths for crafts and opens a space in a market niche. In his workshop, Joaquín Plana studies the traditional uses of wool, innovating and developing new facets and techniques, while respecting the environment. Their toys are bought from various countries around the world such as the United States or Australia.

Compete for him Entrepreneurship Award, that recognizes the entrepreneur or company outstanding for the introduction of new concepts in the sector, with: the Galician Cristina Velasco Mora with her signature Paper Anaquinos and the Catalan brand Aldanondo y Fdez SL

A solid sector that represents 2.4% of industrial GDP

The importance of crafts does not lie only in its incalculable cultural and artistic value. It is also a consolidated sector of the Spanish economy, which represents around 2.4% of industrial GDP and 0.4% of total GDP, according to the study 'Situation of crafts in Spain. Report on competitiveness and main economic variables'. This report, from the School of Industrial Organization (EOI) and its craft promotion area, Fundesarte, also concludes that the competitiveness of the Spanish craft sector has increased despite the drop in the number of companies and jobs caused by the crisis.

About Fundesarte

Fundesarte has been, since 1981, the organization of reference in the promotion and development of Spanish craft companies. It is a priority of our programs to promote, value and communicate the quality of the artisan product and the sustainability of its production processes, through promotional initiatives, among which the National Crafts Awards, the European Crafts Days and various exhibition projects. Fundesarte is part of the EOI School of Industrial Organization (EOI).

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