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The surname Lario in the city of Lorca has been present since the Reconquest. It was brought by those who came to repopulate the City of the Sun; This surname took deep root in this city, reaching a branch as potters established on the slopes of the Guadalentín River, from where they took advantage of the mud that remained after the overflows. We are referring to the end of the 13th century. Lario's signature on traditional Murcian pottery pieces is a guarantee of quality and good workmanship. Ceramics come out of their workshops for the five continents, and they even have a store in several countries around the world. Lario fuses functions of decoration and utility in his pieces, he makes use of his indisputable talent and a laborious research task that led him to visit old collections and works of ceramics from Lorca, to rescue the craftsmanship of past centuries and give it the necessary touches of genius and modernity
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