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The Tinaha micro-bodega is a small family project whose uniqueness lies in the production in jars, in an artisanal and natural way, of a high quality red wine 100% from Murcia. Using native grape varieties, such as Monastrell, Tardana and Forcaiá, from surrounding vineyards, Paraje del Boquerón and La Raja, located on the north face of Sierra de La Pila, we look for wines that freely express the varieties, the soil and climate. Without chemical interference, without staining with wood and avoiding technology for processes such as decantation, filtration, cold, heat... The micro-cellar emerges as an innovative and research project that aims to parameterize all the different winemaking processes in vats: fermentation, maceration , Crianzas,… For this, we have developed different types of jars with Alfarería Pérez, located in Totana. These jars, with different volumes, porosity levels, different profiles, will allow Tinaha wine to be balanced and made without the need to resort to chemistry or technological machines. As a result, we get a wine with a flavor of ripe black and red fruit, hints of iron, pencil lead and incredible acidity. A wine in which the aging in a jar is noticeable, with balsamic flavours, flint and a medium length. A way of treating the Monastrell and letting her express herself totally different from what we know until now.
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