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The craftsman Jesús Griñán studied at the Murcia School of Arts and Crafts. He began working as an apprentice in 1952, in one of the oldest nativity scene workshops in the Region of Murcia. In 1983 he founded his own company with his wife and children. It has also registered the Nativity Scenes of Murcia brand in order to avoid any confusion with respect to other artisan workshops with the same surname. Jesús Griñán's work is well known both in Spain and abroad, due to the exhibitions held in Belgium, Paris, Japan and Miami. Every year at Christmas, a one-meter-high nativity scene is displayed at the Spanish embassy in Tokyo and another smaller one at the Spanish consulate in Osaka (Japan). The donation that the craftsman himself made to the Spain Theme Park in the province of Mie (Japan) also stands out, where no crafts from the Region of Murcia had been exhibited. It has received numerous awards, among which we highlight the Mercury Award for Crafts in 1988 and the Regional Craft Award 2017 of the Region of Murcia.
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