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The El Poveo Pottery is an artisan workshop with a family tradition that has been making its products continuously since the beginning of the 20th century. After four generations that have been passing on the witness of good work with pottery art, the workshop is currently run by Mercedes, with her ability and excellent taste to decorate the house brand pieces that have made this pottery so famous, and Antonio, who has inherited from his father, Juan María, a whole wise tradition in modeling around clay and his expert cooking. The pieces of Pottery El Poveo maintain the flavor of tradition, of things well done and made with the same ancestral techniques that give each product its seal of exclusivity, in addition to the excellent decoration that dresses each unit with the unmistakable faithful style to its traditional aesthetic that survives passing fashions and has kept its lighthouse lit in Totana for a century now. The pottery from the El Poveo workshop can be used in our day-to-day lives thanks to its resistance as a result of the fire-enamel finish and, in addition, it can be a piece of decoration due to its beauty and respect for tradition, transmitting motifs that appear from generations. with its colorful and unique motifs. It is currently the only workshop in production and full activity located on the Rambla de la Santa, a historic enclave of all the old potteries in this city.
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