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Artisan from the Region of Murcia since 2012. Trained at the Murcia School of Arts for 6 years, where she works with various techniques: drawing with charcoal, pastel, acrylics, oil, etc. Since its artisan registration, it is present in all regional shows such as: Feramur, Christmas Show of Alfonso X, Furniture Fair, Ifepa, Fair of the garden and the Sea in Los Alcázares, etc. As an artisan, she belongs to the Crea association, where they carry out various highly innovative craft events. Regarding this artisan trade, the artisan emphasizes that painting is a trade that has accompanied us since prehistoric times, but in turn, has evolved in various ways, depending on the time, culture, society, the resources etc As an artisan from the Region of Murcia, she performs this traditional craft in an innovative way, since she uses pointillism (emerged for the first time in 1880 led by the neo-impressionist painter Georges Seurat in France) as the main technique in her works. Pointillism is the style that represents her, since all her works are done using this neo-impressionist technique, or else, through classical painting, but with notes of pointillism that identify her. It is a very innovative painting technique, especially when it combines this method with figures as classic as the Meninas by Velázquez or to decorate other elements as traditional as the fan.
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