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Regenerating facial serum, 30 ml.
Certified organic 100% multifunction oil, indicated for dry, mature, devitalized, wrinkled, dull, damaged and/or sensitive skin. Authentic nourishing elixir, improves circulation, is rich in antioxidants and capable of deeply regenerating, softening and calming our skin. Blurs stains. Ideal to provide flexibility, elasticity, tone, avoiding premature aging of the skin. Harmonizes, calms and rebalances the mind. Preferable use at night before our nourishing cream or mixing it with it (a few drops).
All items are handmade by artisans from the Region of Murcia, each object is unique and unrepeatable and is not the same as the one in the photograph.



It is a small cooperative of three people, dedicated to the research and development of organic cosmetics. In their laboratory they formulate and make their own cosmetics manually and by hand. They use their own organic plantations certified by the CAERM to obtain raw materials. They collect wild plants adapted to our environment, to make the extracts they use in their products. Through maceration, extraction and filtering, they extract from the plants the active ingredients that interest them, thus obtaining extracts and formulations of the highest quality. Their products do not contain artificial perfumes, or petroleum derivatives, or synthetic preservatives, or nanoparticles, or transgenics, or synthetic chemical substances, they are not tested on animals, and most of them are vegan, except for some that contain beeswax and honey. All its cosmetic products have the Bioinspecta ecological certification seal, an international and independent entity that follows the Biovidasana standard, guaranteeing that they are cosmetic products with more than 90% of their ingredients of certified organic origin, all of them belonging to the “ECOPLUS” category.

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