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Clay sculpture. All items are handmade by artisans from the Region of Murcia, each object is unique and unrepeatable and is not the same as the one in the photograph.



The ancient art of modeling clay, which is then baked until it becomes stone and invulnerable to water, is the creative field in which Ginesa Albaladejo works. The new materials have relegated terracotta to a marginal use in domestic props, although the echo of the pitcher and the water lull our well-being into the collective subconscious. We cannot forget that clay is the first-born natural material, the queen of creation since the dawn of time. In the plastic arts, the added value of a work (ignoring age, material or signature) is given by the personal emotion that the object evokes in each viewer. Ginesa Albaladejo has drunk abundantly - perhaps unconsciously - from the source of her ancestors and their Mediterranean landscapes. In her sculptures we find soft waves, friendly textures, poetic beauty that speaks to us of the feminine, of motherhood, of the sensitive, of the human…, of the epic divinity of women of all times and places. He makes original sculptures in white stoneware and refractory clay that he then biscuits at a high temperature. The pieces have a poorly defined plaster mold that is filled with clay using the squeeze method (an ancient technique used by the nativity scenes of Murcia). This initial casting, not being a casting, is imperfect and not very detailed, so it is necessary to meticulously retouch it, creating inevitable differences. This artisan process turns his creation into a minority and personal art, and his sculptures into unique pieces.

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