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75 g can of sweet organic paprika.

List of ingredients: Product obtained by grinding the ripe, healthy, clean and dry fruits of peppers of the Capsicum Annuum and Capsicum Frutescens varieties. Certified as an organic product by the Council of Ecological Agriculture of the Region of Murcia, license MU-3214/E (Certifying Body ES-ECO-024-MU).
Any ingredient or adjuvant that may be capable of causing allergies or intolerances: ORGANIC SPICY PAPRIKA PASTORA ROJA LT 75
Quantity of certain ingredients or certain categories of ingredients: 75 g can of organic smoked paprika. Traditional container, canned and with a design that stands out on the shelves, preserving all the aroma of a quality product.
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Our Bio export product range guarantees absolute respect for the environment, having been grown on land without pesticides and without chemical products.

Net amount of food: 75gr
Special storage conditions and conditions of use: STORAGE In a dry place suitable for food storage (optimal conditions 6-10ºC,)
Name or business name and address of the operator of the food business: Camino Viejo de Fortuna, 49, Cabezo de Torres, Murcia, Spain.
+34 968 307 795
Country of origin or place of provenance: Spain
Nutritional information: We certify that these specifications correspond to a pure product, not sterilized or irradiated, free of GMOs, that does not contain dyes such as Sudan I, II, III & IV, bixin, Sudan Orange, Sudanred 7B, Rhodamine B, Orange II , parared or oleoresin residues.
Indications of Annex III of R(EU) No. 1169/2011 that must be part of the name of the food, that is, special treatments, such as: 100% PURE, WITHOUT MANIPULATIONS, WITHOUT BULKING AND WITHOUT ADDITIVES.
All items are handmade by artisans from the Region of Murcia, each object is unique and unrepeatable and is not the same as the one in the photograph.



Luis Sánchez García e Hijas, SL "La Pastora" is a prestigious Murcian family company that produces Pure 100% Paprika and other gourmet paprika-based products. La Pastora is a nutrition brand and its presentation banner is its "Paprika from breakfast to dinner" movement.

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