Refine Products

Águeda López Fernández was born in Murcia in 1971, the city where she currently resides. In 2001, almost by chance, she came into contact with the world of ceramics and to her great surprise, she rediscovered a parcel of creativity that she had left behind and that she believed was lost forever. Since then, it has been dedicated to making simple clay and stoneware vessels, as well as other ceramic objects for interior decoration and lamps. At first, he made all the pieces using the roll or churro technique since he worked more on the concept of a single piece. At present, it only makes the original model by roll and from that model, it makes the reproductions by casting mold or squeeze mold, depending on the type of piece. The pieces are decorated with own-made enamels, using a brush, and fired in a ceramic oven between 1,000 and 1,200ºC.
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